Employers: Why Pause?

We've had a few people ask why a manager/boss should consider sending employees to our Pause program. The answer is fairly simple, but it's not brief.

Allen and I are both people managers. We've hired people in all sorts of fields at all levels of experience. Whether filling an entry-level, part-time role or a six-figure, senior-level role, we've found that skilled people are a dime a dozen. Great team members and solid communicators are much, much harder to find.

The availability of role-specific skills training materials is very high. A half hour on YouTube can teach you how to plumb a shower, balance a company budget, or build a fusion reactor in your backyard. However, the training that employees need to be mature and effective members of a team is not widely available.

Pause is a program written in collaboration with senior-level technicians and executives specifically to cover the "soft skill" mentorship that many employees lack and many mentors have trouble articulating and passing on. By cherry-picking the best and most relevant content from highly successful professional development books, we are able to save Pause participants years of frustration and searching for career goals and next-steps.

We initially created Pause to target high-potential employees and help fill in the "soft skill" gap. It turns out that the content of Pause is so potent, even the C-level folks in our pilot group found it eye-opening and applicable.

If you're an employer thinking about sending someone from your team/company our way, give us a call at (602) 999-1711 or send us an email at info@kensho.io. We've got great testimonials to share, too!

This class has helped me immensely understanding my values, the way I work, a deeper understanding of both my boss and company, and how to align not only to improve my work performance, but find incredible balance and peace within my work/family life. I have learned how to understand people and goals in a completely new way, and the group style and activities helped me express my ideas and goals in a safe comfortable environment. I have never been to a class where I did not have an ah-ha moment where the new lesson just appeared so clearly, and the amazing teacher worked well to make me feel like not only was I a student, but a living part of Kensho. I would highly recommend this program to companies as well as individuals seeking a higher understanding. I know I will take these lessons through my life.
— Carmen L.