Want to Customize Pause?

We designed Pause with customization in mind. If you are interested in a special version of Pause that's tailored to your company or to a specific team, we are happy to work with you. Here are some customizations we've talked about internally:

In Your Office

Maybe you and your team aren't in Phoenix, Arizona. Or maybe you are. Either way, you want us to come on site to deliver Pause? No problem! There aren't any special requirements to keep the program bound to our office. If you've got a projector and screen, or a large television we can use, and a room with enough chairs, that's pretty much all we need. We'll bring our own gear, swag, and materials.

Customized Modules

The 5 modules in Pause are pretty generic so as to meet the widest audience possible. If you would like for us to tailor the program to your company or tie in specific aspects of your approach, we're pretty flexible about that. After we talk a little, we'll share our materials with you and ask you questions to ensure that we can modify Pause and still make it highly successful for you and your team.

Virtual/Online Delivery

While it is not an ideal scenario for us, we understand that there are a lot of distributed teams out there. That's cool with us! We are able to do virtual training, too. As long as everyone in the training is available at the same time, then we can do what we need. We're equipped with all the tech we need to deliver a successful virtual training experience.


If you're interested in helping us to deliver the Pause content, that's excellent! We think it's great that someone can be an internal ambassador and representative of the material. All we need to do is ensure we can remain highly aligned before, during, and after the delivery so as to ensure a great experience for you and your team.